GSA Contractors Offering Scheduling Services

Many prospective GSA contractors mistakenly think that just securing a GSA Schedule deal is all that is needed to earn fast profits in the contracting industry. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting a GSA Schedule deal is merely the first step toward profitability in the contracting industry, but not the most important or vital step. The fact is that many of the jobs that are contracted out by GSA Schedule companies are performed by small independent specialty contracting firms, and that these firms are the ones that ultimately make it all worthwhile. GSA contracting jobs pay well, but they do not have nearly the stability and reliability that the big national contracting agencies offer.

In addition to stability, the reliability of large GSA clients like the U.S. Department of Defense require them to be flexible as well. After all, they are operating in a world of change with budgets that are constantly changing, and they need to be able to adapt to these changes in order to remain successful. This allows them to be willing to re-negotiate pricing on a regular basis, and they do so consistently. They don’t want to be caught on a “truce-out” after a few months, for example, because this would mean a significant loss of business for both them and their GSA clients. They also don’t want to close a GSA Schedule project without getting an extension, because doing so means financial ruin for both parties. gsa website

Most commercial clients are used to knowing that they can count on their GSA to come through when they need them. They’ve seen contracts renewed time again, and they know the process will only happen once. But the fact is that the GSA schedules aren’t all set in stone, and the agency isn’t afraid to make changes to them at any point. They do this to stay flexible with their clients and to minimize the risk of default. When a contractor or business is in default, it can have a devastating effect on their business.

The scheduling services provided by GSA contractors are actually a lot more valuable to their GSA clients than the flexibility itself. When a commercial client needs a new scheduling contract, they usually go looking for a GSA schedule expert who can find the best deal for them. In most cases, GSA clients are willing to pay more if they get better scheduling. However, GSA contracts aren’t all about dollars and cents. It’s also about making sure that a client receives what they need when they need it.

A GSA schedule can be altered at any point during the contract period, but this requires a lot of planning on the part of the client and GSA. Because these types of contracts are so stable and so important, it’s not something most clients are willing to negotiate. If you’ve been employed by a GSA schedule company, chances are good that you’ve been asked to give multiple revisions to the initial contract. It’s not uncommon for a new client to ask for a few more adjustments after signing on with them, simply because they’re curious as to how the process works. It’s a good idea to have an expert rewrite your contract after receiving your initial approval, so that you don’t lose your leverage because you didn’t read through everything carefully. After all, it’s your future business at stake, not theirs.

While GSA contractors may not be all “do-it-yourself” types, they can still offer valuable scheduling services to businesses that are in need of them. As long as you make sure to find a reputable GSA contractor and follow their lead, you should be able to find a great way to save time and money in your GSA contracting activities. GSA contractors are trained professionals that understand the importance of scheduling properly and making sure that commercial properties are getting the right licenses and permits whenever they need to.

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