Receive SMS From Any Number!

Today there are so many ways to receive SMS messages from anywhere in the world. How do you actually get these messages across? Can just use a regular cell phone as a cell hotspot? Should I get an international SIM card or a local one.

How to Receive SMS Messages w/ JavaScript - Node.js and Express | Nexmo  Tutorial

In order to receive SMS, there are several things you need to know about SMS. First, you need to know what the SMS system is and how it works. Different platforms support different kinds of SMS delivery systems. Some may work through your phone, some through the internet and some may be SMS only, which means it doesn’t matter if you get it on your phone or not.

Most people who receive sms messages today use mobile phones and not just landlines. This might be because sms messages are cheaper and easier to send over mobile phones than they are over landline telephones. If you receive sms messages from anyone with a cell phone number, you should get the numbers from them and from there call the numbers and verify them. Most numbers are very likely to be legitimate. The three numbers worked fine for me but if it’s a business number or a personal number, it could be a scam.

Now if you want to receive SMS messages and you don’t have a twilio trial account, you can do this by signing up on the twilio website. Signing up will give you a username and a password and then you’re all set. All you have to do is follow the instructions that will be given to you. Usually after you’ve signed up, you’ll be given a test number. When you receive the first message, use the number you got and verify that it’s legitimate. If it’s a test number, it probably is a scam so just delete it and move onto the next SMS provider.

To be totally honest, I never had any problems with sms companies sending me spam messages but my girlfriend had one problem and that was when she tried to send a text message to one of her numbers that had a zero following instead of a plus sign. She didn’t know that there weren’t many numbers that had that kind of representation. Anyway she was upset because she never wanted to receive SMS messages from numbers that were anything but numbers. If you want to use the service, you basically get a special SMS that lets you identify which numbers you want to receive free sms messages from. You also get access to their online support team should you have any questions.

Overall I would recommend these services to anyone who wants to be able to send text messages to anyone, anywhere. They don’t need a phone number to send text messages to someone else as long as they have a laptop or PC that is connected to the internet. It’s a very simple set up and if you’ve never used a virtual phone number before, it’s probably going to take you a week to get everything together and set it up. I can promise though that after your first trial, you’ll be a huge fan and won’t want to go back!

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